Mike Sheridan



Richard is different. He knows that only too well. He has no hope of getting out of the box, which other people´s words and glances has trapped him in. He sees only one way to break out of the box and get the recognition, he is longing for: The Crown, the highest power. He decides to become a villain and to get rid of all competitors on his way. It becomes a fatal choice, which soon drags him and all, he meets on his way, through a labyrinth of power play filled with violence, sex, humiliation, murder and ruin. Richard III is probably the evilest villain in the history of theatre. Do you dare look him in the eye?

Casper Crump
Keith Dunphy
Rikke Lylloff
David Toole
Jean St Clair
Anne-Lise Gabold
Mads Knarreborg
Tony Bell
Jakob Femerling Andersen
and more

Author: William Shakespeare
Director: Lars Romann Engel
Scenography: Catia Hauberg Engel
Music: Mike Sheridan
Dramaturge: Nila Parly
Producer: HamletScenen