Persona non Grata

“Persona non Grata” (Hvor kragerne vender, DK Title) follows Laura who has distanced herself from her family in the countryside, and moved to Copenhagen to live the bohemian lifestyle as a writer. When she is forced to return home to attend her brother’s wedding, she discovers that he’s about to marry her worst childhood enemy Catrine. Laura realizes that Catrine has taken over her place in the family and is now ready to do anything to get it back.

“Persona Non Grata” is directed by upcoming filmmaker Lisa Jespersen and produced by Daniel Mühlendorph of the young, prolific production company Hyaene Film (“Sons of Denmark,” “Blokhavn”) and stars Rosalinde Mynster as Laura (“A Royal Affair,” “Truth About Men”) and Bodil Jørgensen (“The Idiots,” “Nothing’s All Bad”) as her mother. Lars von Trier’s regular director of photography Manuel Alberto Claro lensed the film. 

PERSONA NON GRATA - Trailer - English subtitle from Picture Tree International on Vimeo.

Director: Lisa Jespersen
Written by: Sara Isabella Jønsson
Producer: Daniel Mühlendorph
Cinematographer: Manuel Claro
Editor: Mads Olsen
Sound: Stefand Garfield Rasch Holm
Production Designer: Silje Aune Dammen
Costume Design: Juan Bastias
Composer: Mike Sheridan