Enter into my dreams

Copenhagen, in a not so distant future; Climate change is accelarating, the economy is booming, terrorthreats are increasing. Anita Jensen and Jesper Henriksen, both high-ranking in the police-force have recently lost their daughter Ida, who has commited suicide. Miller, commander in chief of the intelligence network, is keeping the ongoing - and similar investigations completely in the dark and stops the couple from having a public funeral-service. 

Original title
“Kom ind i min drøm”

Written by
Christian Dorph og Simon Pasternak

Thomas Bjerregaard

Mikkel Rønnau og Mikkel Bøgeskov Andersson

Original score
Mike Sheridan

Munck Studios København - Cecilie Cedergren og Karen Albertsen

Thomas Gabrielsson
Josephine Park
Camilla Bendix
Ole Lemmeke
Nadia Auda
Kitt Maiken Mortensen

Produced for DR FICTION