Memories Of A Nation

The Danish National Museum 2019
Special exhibition November 9th 2019 until March 1st 2020

I have written an essay about my work on this project - Click here to read it.

The new exhibition at the National Museum will show the best that Germany has to offer. Goethe, Bauhaus, Gutenberg, Volkswagen, Richter and much more. The presentation of the Germany exhibition is a collaboration between the British Museum and the National Museum of Denmark.
For centuries it was our neighbor to the south who gave us the language, poetry, freedom of beliefs and inroads into science and industrial endeavours.  However, wars separated us from our neighbor and the cultural community became alienated and was erased from memory. 
“Germany has played a prominent part in our history and cultural heritage. This is what we strive to focus on in an impressive exhibition presented in collaboration with the British Museum” says Head of Museum Anni Mogensen.

Germany comes into being the day the Berlin Wall falls

Germany as we know it today was born 30 years ago, the night when the wall dividing East and West Berlin came down on November 9th 1989.  Following this, Germany had to find itself in the shadows of the horror and chaos that had been a reality since 1933.

The fragments of East and West and not least all the different versions of Germany that preexisted the fall of the Berlin Wall became the building blocks for a new country that draws on hundreds of years of accumulated history and national memory. 

We will mark the 30 year anniversary showing the exhibition titled Germany that was originally curated by the British Museum’s Barrie Cook, and ran alongside a successful BBC Radio series and book written by the former director of the British Museum, Neil MacGregor.

The new presentation devised for the exhibition in Denmark takes visitors through the many political and cultural changes that have taken place in Germany.  From the Holy Roman Empire to the reunification of Germany and the dark 20th century up until today’s European economic centre of power. The exhibition will show a multifaceted collection about a multifaceted country where the borders are constantly moving. Both the physical borders and the people. 

The presentation of this exhibition is a collaboration between the British Museum and the National Museum of Denmark. The Sportgoods Foundation has supported the exhibition.

“Betty” - Gerhard Richter, oil on canvas, 1988