The audio files on this record make up the soundtrack for Danish artist Ursula Nistrup’s two solo shows From the Pink Sand and Cosmic Desert. Presented in 2019 at Holstebro Kunstmuseum and Kunsthal Aarhus the shows revolved around a science fiction short story about a butterfly and an ant species living in a desert scattered with mysterious pieces of glass meant to have been created by the impact of a meteorite. Besides writing the short story (in collaboration with author Ida Marie Hede) Nistrup animated the lives and mythologies of the two creatures through the sculptural installation From the Pink Sand and the video work Cosmic Desert, for which the two tracks were made.

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Released April 10, 2019

Concept: Ursula Nistrup
Sound: Peter Albrechtsen & Mikkel Nielsen
Lyrics: Cæcilie Trier
Desert recordings: Zach Goheen
Cristal Baschet: Mike Sheridan
Mastering: Asger Kudahl